Propects Spring 2021


Here You Can Download Prospects Spring 2021

Phase 1 Admission

NoLavelDownload PropectsLast Date
1Matric ProgrammeDownload22 Feb 2021
2F.A / I.Com ProgrammeDownload22 Feb 2021
3F.A Dars e Nizami ProgrammeDownload22 Feb 2021
4MPhil PhD MSc BS (Face to Face) Prospectus Spring 2021Download
4BS ProgrammeDownload
5MBA/MPA (For Executives) ProgrammeDownload
6M.Sc (Face to Face) and MBA ProgrammesDownload
7Ph.D, M.Phil and M.Sc (Hons) ProgrammesDownload
8Diploma / Certificate CoursesDownload

Phase 2 Admission

NoLavelDownload PropectsLast Date
1French Online ProgrammeDownload
2Al-Lisan-ul-Arabi ProgrammeDownload
3Associate Degree in Business AdministrationDownload
4Associate Degree in CommerceDownload
5Associate Degree in EducationDownload
6B.A ProgrammesDownload
7B.ED (1.5 , 2.5 and 4 Years) ProgrammesDownload
8BS ODL ProgrammesDownload
BS Library, Mass Comm, BBA Years) ProgrammesDownload
BS Instructional Design ProgrammesDownload
M.A, M.Sc and MLIS ProgrammesDownload
M.A Education and M.Ed ProgrammesDownload
M.A, M.Sc and PGD ProgrammesDownload
M.Sc Administrative Sciences ProgrammeDownload
M.A and M.Sc Programmes (Merit Based)Download
M.Com ProgrammeDownload
PGD Human Resource Management ProgrammeDownload
Certificate in Literacy and Non Formal EducationDownload

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